Post-Human World

What is the Post-Human World?

“This fateful migration out of Africa was just one of many, and it did not involve any known increase in cognitive power or physical strength or dexterity or technological sophistication. Fire had been controlled for millennia. Humanity‚Äôs ancestors had been making stone tools in a standardized fashion for well over a million years. There was no new technology. It was probably just wandering.” The origin of humanity as we know it is just a myth. We are actually much, much older

“Humans as we know them are just one morphological waypoint on the long road of evolution.” Annalee Newitz in When Will Humanity Finally Die Out?

“Based on how long it took proto-primates to evolve into a technological species, that leaves enough time for it to happen again up to 23 times.” The implications of cosmic silence

Imagine a world where the human race is no longer the dominant species.

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