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A New Life Awaits Us On The ALIEN EARTH

This is a short speech I gave a few nights ago.

You can listen to the recording and/or read the text below.

There’s a list of references at the end, if you’d like to know more.

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Ecological Collapse, Ecological Restoration, Exclusion Zones, Post-Human World

Earth’s Future: Planetary Park or World-Wide Exclusion Zone?

The movie I’m most looking forward to, as 2018 unfolds, is ANNIHILATION – Alex Garland’s adaptation for the screen of Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy. The books feature a woman known as The Biologist. Her field of study is transitional areas; liminal zones where one habitat merges with another, itself a kind of habitat or ecology. Returned from her adventure in the magical realist exclusion zone known as Area X, she’s found standing in a vacant lot. When she’s later held by the Authorities wanting answers to the nature of Area X, the talk by Christopher Brown this post is built around seems exactly the kind of material she’d take comfort in viewing… #thebiologisthasaposse

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Artificial Intelligence, Ecological Restoration, Post-Human World

THEORY: Benjamin Bratton on The Post-Anthropocene

I’ve been spending the holiday period deep in research mode. Digging into books (and buying more), following up on links, falling down wiki holes and watching related lectures online…

This fascinating, immensely quotable talk by Benjamin Bratton on The Post-Anthropocene offers a vision of a post-human world, and features an elaboration of a non-anthropocentric Artificial Intelligence, all of which challenges the pre-Copernican mindset that is the direct cause of the ruination of this world.

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