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World RUIN: Volcanoes and the end of the human era [Part 2]

“Sooner or later we will experience a large volcanic eruption, and perhaps a cluster of them, that will act to exacerbate drought in sensitive parts of the world.”

Source: Yale News

A closer look at the evolving thought experiment, World R U I N, in light of Mount Agung’s eruption continues…

After examining how volcanoes alter the climate, and how that might be modelled in a simulation designed to play out the end of the human era and/or the restoration of the planet, it’s time to slide the time bar back progressively further and see how these violent disturbances to the climate can disrupt – or destroy – civilisations.

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Ecological Collapse, The End of the World will be Livestreamed, World R U I N

World RUIN: Volcanoes and the end of the human era [Part 1]

“If there’s a world catastrophe caused by a supervolcano, then it means that our human disaster, our own big crime against the sky, was just too small to count. Maybe we did our worst as human beings, but we were too small to matter.” ~ The Caryatids

News of the volcano, Mount Agung, erupting for the second time that week prompted a Twitter post, a quick elaboration of our hypothetical game simulating the ruin – or restoration – of the world.

World R U I N example: livestream of Mount Agung volcano with displays estimating sulfate aerosols (SO2) released (in millions of tons) & projected cooling effect.
— m1k3y (@m1k3y) November 26, 2017

In addition to this live video, there’s live seismogram data to display alongside it… for maximum apocalyptic data visualisation!


tfw ur sketching out a Bond Villain display for eco-terrorists… or world saviours.

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